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NEM 1.0 Will Be Closing to New Customers Soon

SCE is approaching its NEM 1.0 cap, which will be reached once SCE serves 2,240 MW on its NEM 1.0 tariffs or at 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2017. Track daily progress at NEM 1.0 Cap Data Report.

Net Energy Metering

Net Surplus Compensation
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Customers with solar panels should enroll in our Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate option. We’ll deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when generation exceeds on-site demand from your bill, and you may even earn surplus credits.

The Current NEM 1.0 Program

SCE customers who produce their own electricity, have eligible renewable energy generation systems connected to SCE’s system (interconnected) and meet program requirements, are eligible for a rate option called Net Energy Metering (NEM). The NEM option allows you to receive a credit for the surplus electricity you supply to the electric grid. This credit will then be applied to your energy bill, to offset all or part of the costs associated with the energy you consume each month.

To be eligible for the current NEM 1.0, your system must be sized to your historic electric use and cannot exceed 1,000 kilowatts.

Plug-in generation systems that have the ability to interconnect onto the customer’s facility electrical system through an electrical outlet are not approved to operate in parallel with SCE’s Distribution Grid. These types of interconnections pose a safety and reliability concern to the public and SCE employees due to the ability of the end user to move the plug and play generator to any electrical outlet, thereby, violating NEC code 705.12(D)(1).

Get Ready for NEM 2.0

The current Net Energy Metering 1.0 program will soon be closing to new customers, either on July 1, 2017 or earlier if SCE reaches its 2,240 MW NEM 1.0 program limit. At this time, we do not expect to reach the cap before July 1, 2017, but you can check status on an ongoing basis. Applications are considered eligible for NEM 1.0 only if:

All documentation needed to provide approval for Permission To Operate (PTO), is submitted to SCE by 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2017. Granting of PTO itself is not required on or before this date, but all documentation must be received and acceptable by this date.
The cap has not been reached.

Customers who are already participating in an NEM 1.0 program (i.e., Net Energy Metering (NEM), Virtual Net Energy Metering for Multi-Tenant and Multi-Meter Properties (NEM-V), Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Virtual Net Metering (MASH-VNM), or NEM Aggregation (NEM-A)) will be allowed to continue taking service on their current program for a transition period of up to 20 years before they will be transitioned to a new program.

Note: The transition period is directed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), pursuant to Assemble Bill 327 and CPUC Decision 14-03-041.

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